More Grins

by Lanny McDowell on October 5, 2008


For about three days now, not including this rainy Sunday, the Peregrine parade has been making the skies over the Gay Head cliffs on Martha’s Vineyard very unfriendly to other birds.  When the falcons are not patrolling, pursuing or eating they are often playing, rattling their swords and chasing and dive bombing each other.  While the next photos are technically not so hot , the action they capture is.











When their captured prey is small enough, they have no particular reason to land in order to consume it, so they remain aloft to dine, wings set on the updraft.

I think the meal here is a Northern Flicker, maybe a Red-bellied Woodpecker, judging by the tail feathers visible.  Click to enlarge.


In these shots it may be what’s left of a catbird.  It’s hard to say.



And the undertaker always wins:


Birds are cool!  Lanny

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