Martha’s Vineyard Sandhill today…

by Lanny McDowell on May 14, 2009


Hot off the presses, straight from the fields of Chilmark to your monitor screen.  The phone and email thread went from Keith to Whiting to Manter to McDowell to  refinding with Whiting this very elegant and rather casual drop-in.

No frills, just bird photographs:







It is the Vineyard, after all:




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Birds are cool!  Lanny

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Lanny McDowell 05.14.09 at 4:48 pm

Someone on my Avian Friends list and recipient of my blog alerts just wrote me by email:

Subject: RE: Sandhill Crane today
It IS a beauty. Do you get them here regularly? If so, I’m surprised.
Thanks, … Loyal blog visitor …

And I replied: No, it’s unusual. There was one in Katama a couple years back. As a trend, they are gradually and sparsely filtering into New England more … annual sightings, but not annual here. Then I wrote: You can always comment at my blog. It starts a conversation going, which sometimes develops further and new “stuff” comes up.

This last note about Comments at my blog posts applies to everyone reading this. More people get involved, more people get to share in informative info and it helps my blog by building relevant traffic and, hopefully, encouraging more fun interaction. This does not mean I am asking you to contribute comments like “what I am doing right now is …” or “my favorite funny kitten story is …”. You know, bird stuff.

Thanks & please don’t be bashful. Obviously, if your comment does not really belong in the public domain, email me direct.

Birds are Cool! Lanny


Lanny McDowell 05.14.09 at 4:55 pm

Here is a reminder for birders on or coming to the Vineyard this coming weekend. The annual Birdathon is happening, starting at 6PM Friday the 15th and running until 6PM on Saturday, May 16th. It’s for the benefit of MassAudubon. Our local chapter is Felix Neck, one of the coolest sanctuaries around. Interested? Call them at 508-627-4850.


Soo 05.15.09 at 1:30 pm

Great photos of the Sandhill Crane. Nice to have it as a yard bird. Hope it stays for the Birdathon. Still there as of 1:30 pm Friday.


Lanny McDowell 05.15.09 at 4:19 pm

Here’s what one reader had to say today in an email to me, with a bit of editing on my part, about cranes showing up in Mass:

MassWildlife is really keeping track of cranes since they
bred here last year. There’s a pair, or was a pair, in Littleton,
and a pair at Burrage Pond WMA in Hanson recently; and as many as 6 together
have been seen in So Carver, implying a family group, but there is no indication of breeding there.

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