Sharpie for the winter earns you tremendous savings on bird food!

by Lanny McDowell on January 26, 2010


Economy got you down?  Looking for ways to save your hard earned do-re-mi?  Thinking of cutting back or cutting off birdseed altogether?  Let them fend for themselves, right?

But wait! Try the new Sharpienator.  One sharpie used only once or twice a day will solve that bird food drain on your scarce resources.  And it is Absolutely Free! You can’t buy the Sharpienator in any store.  But wait.  There’s more!

So, you get the idea.  When the last snows started to melt the action at my feeders returned quickly to null and void.  I am used to having a coops cruise the place on a regular basis.  This year it’s a handsome and very stealthy adult male.  But very little birds manage to visit the feeders anyway.  Goldfinches and such.  Chickadees will scold a Cooper’s Hawk.  At sparrow size all this changes.  They are big enough and slow enough to not risk exposure to a stalking Cooper’s Hawk.

Today it became very clear why even the little guys were not around.  I mean, like, gone, absent from class.  The following sharpie photos were taken in an apple tree that is usually the last stop for birds before they approach my feeders.  He just sat there, alertly monitoring any action in the area.  The last shot of the series below, while not a good bird photograph, shows the hawk in sight of flying prey and just about to launch after it.  Note the complete streamlining of its body feathers from a pose of observation to one of ignition for pursuit.   Also the relative proportion of the head to the body has altered considerably.

Attention wandering:

WTHm012610 033cs sm

Attention in the wrong place:

WTHm012610 151c sm


WTHm012610 111c sm


WTHm012610 112c1


WTHm012610 149cs sm

Very interested:

WTHm012610 165c

Birds are cool!  Lanny

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N. Miller 01.26.10 at 5:33 pm

I give up! What is a sharpienator?


Lanny McDowell 01.26.10 at 5:45 pm

Here is the recipe: You take one Sharp-shinned Hawk, alive, and one Terminator, the movie type. Put both in a blender and press Mix for 30 seconds. Pour into a mold marked small raptor and let sit until firm. Add a spark of life to generate action and , Voila, you have an avian predator of considerable skill and ferocity. There is no “mild” nor “medium” for this sauce.


Kate Crosbie 09.21.10 at 2:14 pm

My husband will love your site, I think even more than me if thats possible. The photography is marvalous. I have just come accross your site when answering my good friend John Vibbert ( Boston and Marthas Vinyard.. I will send over to my husbands computer and surprise him. The pink feeted geese are starting to arrive in Scotland so no doubt he will be off to photograph them. We live very close to a large site for nsea birds in South Scotland. I am not the one who does the watching so much as Jim. He know every bird and has been bird watching since a very young boy. I will be visiting your site again. I so enjoyed it. What breed is Stella? Jim has a few photos fron a few years ago on our web site under Jims photos. he has so many lying here that he just has not got round to posting.

keep enjoying the birds(feathered)

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