Out for a Lark at Eel Pond

by Lanny McDowell on August 27, 2010


I am hoping that the quizzical look on this bird’s face will be reflected in yours.  No, not my face;  the face of the bird in the first photo.  It was looking, it turns out, at a swarm of DC cormorants, about twenty strong, gliding around on set wings, pretty much in unison, at considerable altitude.  The wings were outstretched straight enough to bring anhingas to mind.  Anyway, I had the luxury of seeing the pictured bird fly before I got the binocs on it, so I already had an ID before I looked more closely.  It would have been harder if I had only seen it on the ground or, especially, out of habitat context.  The bird and I and Stella were enjoying the post nor’easter brilliance of Eel Pond in Edgartown yesterday.

This is not a bird I have seen on the Vineyard.  Maybe others are more familiar with it.  The species, yes, but the plumage, no.  I do know it’s kind of tacky to not include the ident, but this time that’s how it is.  Let’s see what people come up with; and I hope there is some head scratching and page flipping going on.

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And birds are still cool!  Lan





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Soo 08.27.10 at 5:47 pm

Humm-Where was Stella? Was this before or after I saw you?


Lanny McDowell 08.27.10 at 6:25 pm

Pretty much by my feet the whole time, except for a couple cool ocean dips. This was yesterday, not today.

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