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Barn Owl on Martha’s Vineyard

by Lanny McDowell on January 23, 2010


I received a call from someone who had found a barn owl in the snow, with just its head protruding.  It had died, most probably from starvation, and it was found a few feet from a small rural outbuilding which had been fitted with an entrance hole high up in the gable end.  I do not know if there was a nesting box inside, or only the visible entrance hole, clearly provided as an access for winged beasties.

The snow was melting away leaving more of the dead owl exposed.  The caller and I speculated on the raptor’s demise.  I spoke of the recurring threat of snow cover too deep for too long, the condition that denies the owl’s access to rodents and that defines how far north (so far) these birds can survive.  Or, in this case, how far north they cannot survive.

Sadness is balanced by appreciation of the incredible beauty of the remains. [click to continue...]

Eiders in Menemsha Channel

by Lanny McDowell on January 10, 2010


Martha’s Vineyard, her rocky shores and the rich marine ecology that surrounds her, is very attractive to Common Eiders looking to winter in a place that grows and gives up enough tonnage of food resources to keep the feathered thousands alive through the coldest months.  The patterns of major sea duck concentration have changed this winter, presumably  moving with the food resource.  There are almost always a smaller number of eiders that congregate near the jetties at Menemsha.  What they were doing when I was there yesterday is what they often do at sea, just in a more confined space: riding the current and feeding, then flying back to take another pass on the current.  They were riding on the incoming tide ripping south between the stone jetties, with the wind at their backs, to enter the broadening waters of the tidal pond.  On cue, on a whim or reacting to an ambulatory threat they pattered into flight north against the wind between the walls of rock  to settle on the sea just outside the harbor, eventually funneling back to repeat the circuit.

This show is there for anyone to watch. [click to continue...]

Quansoo shorebirds

by Lanny McDowell on August 1, 2009

Soo and Bob and I went out to Quansoo, parking at Crab Creek and hoofing out toward the Tisbury Great Pond opening.   Shorebirds of all sizes were scattered broadly over extensive exposed tidal flats inside the the cut to the sea.

Those two guys were on scopes and I was stalking feeding birds with my Canon rig.  The best moments for me were hearing the Whimbrel in my sights talk to three others winging by, then lofting to meet them.  [click to continue...]

Lanny McDowell Avian Art showing at the Simon Gallery

by Lanny McDowell on July 31, 2009

My Avian Art bird photos just came down yesterday at the Christina Gallery in Edgartown.  This coming Sunday, August 2nd,  Peter and Ronni Simon’s gallery in Vineyard Haven is kindly hosting  a selection from my bird photography prints. Their gallery features his great iconic rock & roll and Reggae star photos and her innovative and artful jewelry pieces. I am appearing  there as their first visiting artist and the show runs for a week.

There will be framed prints on the walls and a lot of unframed, mounted and shrink-wrapped items in the bins.  The price range goes from $95 for a simple print up to $775 for a beautifully printed and framed 16″ X 24″ shot.  The overall dimensions of the large framed prints are 27″ X 34.75″.

Here is a sampling of the smaller prints available unframed, typically in a 11″ X 17″ image size,  including the really BIG oystercatcher at the end:









Birds are that cool!    And hope to see you all at the show this Sunday.                     Lanny