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First Tundra Swans of the Year

by Lanny McDowell on January 4, 2010

IMG_3334DWingatecr6 They were also the first in quite a while on Martha’s Vineyard.  They sort of had to be the first of the year, since it was the first of the year, about ten thirty in the morning.

The checklist for the Martha’s Vineyard Christmas Bird Count, which takes place tomorrow, on January fifth, due to a weather delay, says the CBC has recorded one Tundra Swan  since 1999.  Soo Whiting’s book, Vineyard Birds II,  says tundras were seen more frequently and more regularly on CBCs up until ‘92 and then, for the most part, not seen after that.  She writes, “Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are the two best places in Massachusetts where an observer might expect to see this rare visitor.”  It’s only a guess, but I would be quite surprised if [click to continue...]

Avian Art Goes Swan

by Lanny McDowell on July 2, 2009


It’s not very hard to obtain decent bird photos of duck, goose and swan families this time of year.  Whatever attitude you may hold about introduced species and the roles they play, Mute Swans are easy on the eyes, truly avian art in the most basic sense.

You know I have a schtick about getting close to my avian art subjects, so here is another set:





There is nothing wrong with this little guy’s leg.  It’s just one of their postures, young and adult alike.  They often seem to be doing exactly the same behavior or pose at the same time:










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Birds are cool!  Lanny

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